Yet Another Object Request Broker


WARNING: If you are looking for a stable, mature, functional implementation of CORBA for your project, and looking to use it now, YaOrb is not for you, as it's not ready yet. A search on the internet will give you better results.

That being said, the current version, YaOrb 0.2, does contain a lot of features already, at various completion stages. Note that this section assumes you are familliar with CORBA, since it dives into the implementation details.

Code Coverage Report

See the LCOV coverage report here.

Design time

The most important design time tool is the IDL compiler itself:

The compiler is a single pass compiler, and leverages the concept of nested states automatons in flex, as well as typed yyval tokens in bison.

Runtime time

The networking protocols are implemented as follows:
For the core implementation:
Basically, in the current state, putting all the peices together allows a developper to take some simple IDL, use the compiler to generate code, compile the generated code, link it against the developer implementation and the runtime library, start a server, start a client, make a call from the client to the server (not too bad so far), and ... start to find what is missing and implement it.
Implementing a basic end to end "ping" call in IDL is the current task, where the next major component that needs work is the Portable Object Adapter (POA) itself.
There is much more to a CORBA implementation than the components listed here, this is just a start.
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